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  • Curtis Lynch

    I understand that having good count of subscribers to your channel is an ideal thing. But what if we do not have enough subscribers? What does it show? What kind of setback can it give and does it affect my revenue and my channels performance? I am a new youtuber and learning the ins and out of youtube by experimenting. Any advice will be helpful to me understand what I am missing and what steps I should take to make a successful and popular youtube channel.


  • Joe Anderson

    There are few things to consider –

    • Subscriber count ‘DOES‘ matter if you want to do a brand building. Obviously higher the number of subscribers, stronger the image of your brand (channel) will be.
    • People, in general, have the ‘herd‘ tendency. If you have higher number of followers / subscribers then it works as a social proof that you are an ‘authority’ in your domain. People tend to follow those who are followed the most. Makes sense, isnt it?
    • If your followers are too many, they are going to see your videos in their home page in their by default. This increases the chances of your videos being watched by them more often.
    • It is a fact that not every subscriber receives an email when you upload a new video but if you have a ‘community‘ feature enabled then you can share an update in the community tab and it will reach to all of your audience.
    • Having more followers ensures more views – not by default, but by means of sharing and commenting your videos. So it is advisable to try to get as many followers as you can.

    Hope my answer satisfies your query. All the best with your channel.

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