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    Are you a Youtube creator and are you looking to join an MCN? Have you been approached by BBTV? Here I am sharing my own experience of partnership with BBTV (Braodband TV) that is a MCN.

    So the story begins like this. I am a youtuber with over 100k subscribers to my channel. In the past I was approached by many MCN’s seeking partnerships but since I was not sure how they work I never thought of joining them. Moreover I was afraid of their authenticity and was unsure if they will provide me the real value of the money they will be taking out of my earnings. Then one day I was approached by the representative of BBTV.

    Their initial approach was impressive and they agreed to have a video call on skype to explain the details of this proposed partnership. It is obvious that the call was to make promises about the benefits and advantages BBTV is supposed to give to me and my channel (which was off-course pompous and fake). They promised me that once I partner with BBTV, there will be 30% growth in the subscribers count and revenue and it will be seen from the very first month!

    For a serious fulltime youtbuer like me, who earns his livelihood from youtube, these claims are very alluring.

    I gave it a thought and asked them if there are any hidden terms and conditions or small font clauses those I need to know before I enter into the agreement. They said that there is nothing that they have not told me. Whats more, they would be charging 10% of my revenue in turn of their services on a monthly basis. As a part of this contract they will be providing me 4 Youtube counselling sessions by their youtube expert. They also would provide me a tool called Viso Catalyst that would help me optimise my channel for maximum visibility and better SEO, they claimed.  The duration of this contract was supposed to be one year.

    This was all impressive, wasnt it?

    Amidst all these extravagant claims I was happy that I finally had found a partner who had promised me the steady growth of whopping 30% in my audience and earnings.

    I told them that I need some time to think about their proposal.

    After the initial call their representative did contact me frequently to check if I am still interested in doing partnership with them. Afterall they wanted to get me on board at any cost.

    But since I was not sure about any MCN’s work methodology, I suggested that the duration of the partnership should be 6 months and not one year.

    Since BBTV representative badly wanted to partner with me, they agreed to the six months period and finally we entered the contract.

    Beginning of Disappointment with BBTV MCN

    This was just a beginning though. Once I signed the contract and the partnership began, they stopped contacting me. It was after that, that I started realising the unprofessional and careless attitude about their creator partners.

    Lazy Youtube Counsellor of BBTV – a So Called “Youtube Expert”!

    I was deeply disappointed with their Youtube Expert Counsellor in the very first meeting. This ‘Youtube Expert’ guy was supposed to provide me some useful and deep insights about my channel statistics, marketing strategy and tips on youtube success. However, this guy was not a complete expert as it was claimed by their marketing representative. He was supposed to carry four sessions of youtube counselling.

    When I logged into skype for the first meeting at agreed time, he was not present there. This was very surprising to me!! This guy was absent without notice. I immediately mailed the marketing lady who was there in the first meeting with me. She said that this youtube expert guy forgot about the meeting so he happened to have missed it!!!

    Rubbish! This was utterly unprofessional behaviour. But I gave him a benefit of doubt and scheduled another meeting with him on some other day.

    Fortunately he happened to have not forgot about it and was present for the call. During the talk I found him totally unprepared for the meeting. This was again shocking for me since I was ready with my homework done for the skype call. He was totally unaware of my channel name, its domain, its statistics, etc. He opened my channel infront of me and started studying the data. I was surprised – yet again!

    After studying the data infront of me, he told me some “tips” on how to optimise the channel which I was already aware of. I told him that I am already ware of the points and tips he mentioned and requested him to tell me more and bit advanced. He was purplexed at my question and told me that this is all what is meant for the first session and wrapped the session hurriedly. This was the waste of time for me listening all the old basic youtube optimization stuff that I was already aware of him. I found the first youtube session was completely useless and provided no value to me at all.

    The Useless VISO Catalyst Tool

    As a part of the contract BBTV provided me a free tool called Viso Catalyst that automatically suggests the tips on how to optimize the youtube channel. Let me tell you that this tool is completely automated and works only after you have done some initial work on your video. It suggests the related keywords only after you do the manual research on the keywords and tags. This tool then grabs your suggested keywords and suggests some random machine generated keywords – half of them are meaningless and useless! This tool comes as a browser extension to Chrome, but many times just fails to be compatible with other extensions.

    It happened that my tags in the video just disappeared once I installed this Viso Catalys Extension. When I did contact BBTV and asked them solve the issue they just expressed their inability to solve it saying it could be due to conflict with another extention and aksed me to disable another extentions. This was a pathetic suggestion whowever because all other extensions I have in my chrome browser are useful and fully compatible with each other.

    I had no option but to uninstall this useless Viso Catalyst extension and stopped using it.

    Did my revenue and Audience Increase by 30%? Ofcourse NOT!

    After the three months into the partnership I observed no increase in my subscribers and views. They were growing with the normal rate as it was before the partnership. The BBTV people were doing nothing to promote my videos across their marketing channels and platforms. When I asked their marketing person about this they told me that they had not promised me to promote my videos at all. All they promised was those Youtube counselling sessions and Viso Catalyst tool.

    It was apparent that I was completely on my own for promoting my channel despite the partnership. I wondered what was the use of this partnership and revenue share with BBTV if they are not doing anything to promote my channel??

    They were just taking 10% of my hard earned revenue every month and were doing nothing to help me!

    The story doesnt end here – I decided not to continue the partnership. As a part of contract I had to give them one month notice in advance. So I informed them at the end of the 5th month that I dont want to continue with them. They did not at all try to stop me or persuade me to change my mind. Probably they knew that they had done nothing for me and were happy that they grabbed 10% of my revenue for sitting idle.

    They Did Not Complete the Promised 4 Youtube Counselling Sessions

    I had completed 3 sessions with their so called youtube expert counsellor. As soon as I informed them about the end of our partnership, this Youtube Expert dropped me a message that since the partnership is called off, there is no need of remaining session. This was shocking again! I told him that we are still in the partnership and serving the notice period so he should provide me the 4th session as well which was the part of the agreement. But this idiot just refused to listen. Neither did he gave me the 4th session nor did he bother to respond!

    Truely unprofessional, isnt it? His earlier sessions were not fruitful either so I just didnt feel that I had lost anything, but wasnt it his duty to fulfil the promise of completing 4 sessions as per the contract?


    Finally I was deeply disappointed with BBTV MCN and I was happy that the partnership was over in the period of 6 months. The decision of asking only 6 months contract proved useful to me and it saved me further loss of revenue going to useless BBTV.

    If you are also a youtuber who makes a living out of your channel and if you are also approached by BBTV representative, please do not entertain them as they are good for nothing. They are just like the parasites who suck the blood out of a healthy beings and survive doing nothing. It takes us hours and hour of efforts to make a video for our audience and crap MCN’s like BBTV are here to steal money out of your pocket – so beware of them!

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