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  • Timothy Welch

    There is a feature to translate your youtube video into other languages. I am not sure what is the purpose of this feature and how will it help me?

  • Christofer

    Youtube translate feature is an excellent option that gives you an opportunity to offer your content to audience speaking different languages other than the one in your video.

    This feature allows you to translate the Title and description of the video in any language and publish it. This makes your videos discoverable for people in different geographical location and other countries who are searching for similar keywords in their native language. This feature is useful for creators who want global audience.

    If your videos are being consumed by people from same country who speak and understand one language and if you are fine with it, then you should not consider youtute translate feature.

    However if you want to maximize your youtube revenue by reaching to the audience from developed countries like those in North America and Western Europe, then translating your videos in languages like Spanish, German, Portuguese, etc. makes sense.

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