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    I have a major problem with my Youtube revenue. I run a channel based on lifestyle. I do electronic gadget reviews, film and book reviews in my channel. I also post my travel videos for my audience and they happen to have liked it too much. The engagement rate for my channel is too high. I get way too comments and likes for my videos. I also promptly reply to every comment that is possible. Still I dont see that I am making good revenue out of my youtube channel.

    This is really disheartening as I put lot of efforts in making the videos that are useful and entertaining to my audience. I see my competitors who are having similar channel as mine and they get good revenue higher than me (I checked the estimated revenues of my competitors on a valuation website).

    I am just not sure why I am not making enough money from my youtube channel despite doing everything correctly. Can anyone help me know the reason?

    Thank you very much in advance!

  • Christofer

    Hey Walter, I see your concern. You are worried that your youtube revenue is just not increasing even when your videos are getting too many views and interactions. With my fair experience with youtube platform I have understood the mechanism behind the revenue system and how it works. I will explain it in simple language for you.

    First of all you need to check from which country are you getting most views. Are your videos mostly viewed from Asian and African countries? Countries like Bangladesh, Vietnam, Nigeria, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Iraq, etc. are not going to give you much revenues for sure. Reason behind this is that their currency is very low as compared to USD and Euro. You should get more views from Europe and United States and other countries like Australia, Canada, UK if you want to earn high revenue. The economies of these countries is way too high. It will not be an exaggeration to say that 10 views from these countries are far better than 500 views from poor countries.

    Hope you have now got the basic and core reason behind the low revenue earning. So improve on this front and I am sure you will start earning better money with youtube. All the best mate.

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