Refund Policy

Yes, we do have a very fair and logical refund policy for our valued customers as explained below.

You can ask us for a refund anytime during the month. We will initiate your refund as explained below –

For example, if you purchased a monthly plan of $249 on 1st January. You decided to cancel the subscription on 14th January.

You need to inform us via email that you want to cancel the subscription.

We will issue a refund to you for the remaining days in your plan. So in this case, you will be refunded the money for 15th Jan to 31st Jan, i.e., 17 days.

We have made our refund policy this way so that it will be fair for both the parties. It takes time, efforts and resources to analyze the project, plan and create content, and schedule it for publication. Also the custom images that we use for your channels are premium. We purchase it for you. We must make sure that these consumed expenses are covered even if the customer wants to cancel the plan.

You will never be at loss because you have already got the service and content for the number of days your subscription was active.

We strongly believe that this is truly fair for both parties. If you still have any doubts then please feel free to ask us via Email, Skype or Whatsapp.

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