Do you want to work with influential YouTubers to promote your products or services?

Looking for tools to help you partner with the right YouTube influencers?

In this article, you’ll discover four tools to help you find and connect with influential YouTubers for marketing campaigns.

4 Influencer Tools to Find and Vet YouTube Influencers by Shane Barker on Social Media Examiner.

How to Identify the Right YouTube Influencers

If you’re using video influencer marketing, there are a number of tools that can help you find an influencer relevant to your industry or niche. This article walks you through some of the best tools for finding YouTube influencers. But before checking them out, here are a few points to keep in mind when selecting influencers:

  • Reach: Reach is defined as the number of followers or subscribers an influencer has. It can be calculated through the number of subscribers, followers, or the number of visitors to their website.
  • Relevance: To make a decent impact on your target audiences, your influencer needs to be relevant to your field. In other words, their niche should align with your industry, product, or brand.
  • Engagement: Just having a large number of followers isn’t enough. An influencer should have a good engagement rate, too. So always examine the interactions of their followers on their posts. You need to make sure that a substantial number of followers engage with their content regularly.

Now we’ll look at four tools to help you find the right YouTube influencer for your marketing campaigns.

#1: Scrunch

Scrunch is an easy-to-use, data-focused influencer marketing platform that helps agencies and brands find relevant, suitable YouTube influencers. When you sign up, select which category of influencer you’re interested in such as fashion, beauty, home interior, or technology. In addition, you can narrow your search to micro-, macro-, or power influencers.

When the search results appear in your dashboard, use the filters to zero-in on an influencer who matches your requirements.

Scrunch can also help you manage your outreach and track the performance of your influencer marketing campaigns.

Here are some of the best features of Scrunch:

  • Seamlessly manage end-to-end activities in your influencer marketing campaign.
  • Get access to a database of 20 million influencer profiles that can be filtered by topic or social platform.
  • Create bookmarks and add an unlimited number of influencers to your campaigns.
  • Save your searches and get notified as soon as influencers who match your criteria are found.

For pricing, Scrunch uses a freemium model. The free starter plan lets you run and manage only one campaign at a time. You get access to the first 40 results for each search and can maintain one influencer list. This plan is great for small businesses or startups. Of course, if you need more advanced features, paid plans are available as well.

#2: FameBit

When it launched in 2014, FameBit was the first self-service platform for influencer marketing that included YouTube influencers. It’s a platform where social media influencers have registered themselves and brands can work with them to develop content for their campaigns.

It allows registered influencers to submit a proposal for planned campaigns. By creating a profile and being active on FameBit, potential influencers can be discovered by brands for their marketing campaigns.

To get started searching for influencers for your business, create a campaign and fill out the details for the product or service you want to promote. After you submit your campaign, you’ll start receiving proposals from prospective creators.

FameBit doesn’t charge a monthly fee to access their platform. To create an account, influencers should have a minimum of 5K followers on their social media profiles. Both brands and influencers can create FameBit accounts.

The platform earns money by charging for each transaction between an influencer and a brand. They charge a 10% fee on top of the influencer’s fee to brands as well as deduct 10% from the influencer’s fee. So, if a brand and influencer agree on $100 as a fee, the brand pays $110 to FameBit, of which the influencer gets $90.

#3: Mention

You can look for relevant influencers by using Mention’s huge network, which includes blogs and websites. It can also be used to search through social platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

This tool helps you find powerful social media influencers in every niche. All you need to do is select a topic that’s important to your target audience to find relevant influencers.

Mention allows you to monitor and track campaigns and find new opportunities for your brand. You can also find influential people who are already talking about your brand on social media. In addition, Mention lets you monitor your competitors and gives you a chance to learn from their successes and failures.

Mention offers various plans and packages. The basic plan starts at $29 per month. With this package, you get 3,000 mentions and can monitor your own brand. Upgrading to the Starter plan ($99/month) gets you access to sentiment analysis and the Influencers dashboard.

#4: Influicity

Influicity is a subscription-based platform that helps you build and manage your own network of influencers. You can search, engage, and partner with influencers on YouTube and other social media platforms.

Influicity has information on a broad range of 1.6 billion social media profiles on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. You can select the best influencers for your campaign based on your target audiences, location, and behavioral attributes.

The platform also allows you to manage your communications with influencers. And you can create reports on the results and impact of your marketing campaigns.

Influicity provides a free basic plan that includes one client account, one user, and up to 10 influencers in your master list. This plan is a good option for a small business or startup. If you need more features, you can purchase individual add-ons or upgrade to a paid plan.

Manage Influencer Outreach Relationships With BuzzStream

BuzzStream is another influencer marketing platform that can help you run and manage your influencer campaigns. The tool assists you in finding suitable influencers from various social platforms.

BuzzStream lets you build a list of relevant influencers so you can start a proper outreach program. After you’ve created your list, it helps you track your relationships with them. You can even record your relationship with a potential influencer at any given point in time.

BuzzStream will capture an incredible number of details about your potential influencers such as email addresses, contact numbers, and physical addresses if they’re publicly available.

It also displays the domain authority of their websites, so you can narrow down your list of influencers by analyzing that ranking score. For better results from your campaigns, select influencers who have a high domain authority.

BuzzStream is available as a 14-day free trial. After that, you’ll need to upgrade to a paid plan. The starting package is $24 per month and offers 1,000 contacts, 50 results per search, and 30 prospect searches. You can track your emails and Twitter conversations, and generate reports on email performance. In addition, it lets you monitor your links, and manage your contacts and campaign.

What do you think? Do you know of any other affordable and easy-to-use tools for finding YouTube influencers? Please feel free to comment below.

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