When we talk about emails, we will all agree with the fact that they are the oldest and the most efficient way to reach out to your online audience. No social networking site provides the sort of engagement that emails do for our readers. And email marketing is one way in which you can let your audience know about your products and services.

Email funnel is one way by which you can know what your audience actually wants. It is a visual representation of how you want your email marketing to move on. It helps you learn about your consumer’s psychology and behavior so that you can attract, prepare and eventually turn them into prospective buyers.

Email funnel helps you create awareness about your product. Your buyers need to know what your services are all about. They need to be well acquainted with your brand. It also involves considering their issues and trying to find a solution to their problem. This will help you transform your readers into buyers and in tuen help you to grow, in terms of sales as well as your brand.

But how do we sell our products using the email funnel? We discussed it in this week’s #ShoutersChat, where the topic was: “Email Funnel for selling Products”.

In this week’s #ShoutersChat, we discussed the process that you use to get email subscribers and the content that needs to be written in a welcome email. We also talked about how to build trust among your subscribers and the way in which a particular product should be introduced to your readers.

Here is a recap of each question and the top answers by Shouters.

Q1. What process do you use to collect email subscribers?

From the Shouter community:


Q2. What should a welcome email contain?


From the Shouter community:

Q3. How does someone get people to stay hooked up on their email funnel?

From the Shouter community:

From the Shouter community:


Q5 How to introduce your product to email subscribers?

From the Shouter community:

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