Social media engagement is a serious matter to concern whether you are building a new business or looking to boost your current one. Today, around 3 billion people are social media; that’s why it is a great platform to promote your business and take it to the next level.

Increasing Social Media Engagement : A Challenge?

When it comes to increasing their sale, then most people only focus on the growing audience, rather than engage more audience. For instance, suppose you have 200 followers on any social media platform, and whenever you post something, you only get 30-40 likes, that’s it. You get very fewer likes in comparison to your followers, just because you are not engaged with your audience.

Now, if you are also wondering about how to increase social media engagement, then you are at the right post to aciculate all necessary information regarding the engagement of your audience. So let’s begin.

1. Analyze your current audience

First and foremost, be a good analyzer. Do some mathematics and figure out the rate of your follower’s engagement on your post. Check your insights, if you see that your post engagement is dropping gradually week over week, and then you need to move your hands quickly to adjust your post to engage more audience. Do some research and find out which kind of posts are loved by people mostly, make a list and write down all essential things, to make your post more catchy. 

2. Include Images in Your Post

Rather than posting a simple and usual post, try to add some visual content in your post. It helps to attract more audience and enhance your social media engagement. According to a study, about 85% are more likely to interact on a post with visual content. Pictures make your post more eye-catchy, and it draws more attention than any usual post.

Most importantly, don’t use a low-quality image on your post, because it degrades your post’s quality and then no one will pay attention to it. Use high quality and professional photos to attract more audience. Most of the times, people judge your product and service by the quality of your post.

3. Share Jaw-Dropping statics

Share your previous client’s reviews or sale of your product, which shows your performance to your future customers. Many studies claimed that people show more interest in something, which is famous and trusted by many other users; it ultimately removes any risk factors from your customer’s mind. Also, don’t even think about to post fake results, if any of your users recognized that you are trying to manipulate them by fake information then they will immediately report you or might file a lawsuit against you.

4. Sponsor Giveaway

Announce a giveaway on your account with some terms and conditions. Giveaways are the most popular way to enhance audience engagement. All you need to do is invest some money on a gift for your audience. Then show it to them and ask them to like and share your post to win a fantastic award. This public activity will give an ultimate boost to your account.

5. Ask for Feedback and Review

Make your followers feel special by asking for their onion on a particular product. Many customers are more willing to share their right review about the product for better improvement. Ask them to leave your review in the comment section. If a responsible and happy customer gives feedback about your product, then they might give you valuable information about improvement, and by using this information, you can make your product even better.

6. Do Question & Answer Sessions

Giving a response to your users is a great way to build their trust and loyalty. When someone does care about you and provide proper attention, then you ultimately like that person. The same thing happens with your customers when you solve their doubts with politeness then that customer shows more interest in your post.

7. Use the Promotion Feature

Every social media platform has a separate promotion section by which you can easily promote your post and get a new audience for your post. First, go to the promotion section, and then select the catchiest and popular post then choose your audience as per your demand. After that, complete your payment process, now all you need to do is sit back and watch your progress. Any social media user around you will get a promotional post by which they can visit your account and increase your social media engagement.


Finally, to sum it up, it is worth mention that social media is beginning to dominate in the world of marketing, and it is a key to unlock your success. If you follow all above-mentioned guidelines, then its domino-effect will leave you speechless and take you to the seventh cloud. Don’t lose your heart too soon, become a successful marketer is not a child’s play; you need dedication, hard work, and most of all, patience.

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