I like to talk about the products I use.

ShoutMeLoud is currently hosted on Kinsta hosting which is one of the high-end WordPress managed hosting. I have, in the past, shared my experience and review of Kinsta hosting.

As of now, I pay $400/month which is by any means a lot of money for hosting a WordPress blog. However, for any blog which makes a decent income, expense on web hosting infrastructure is more of an investment.  Before I started hosting ShoutMeLoud on Kinsta, I used to change hosting every 18 months, on an average. This is something common with every growing blog. Even when I moved to Kinsta, I didn’t have such high expectations but eventually, it turned out to be an excellent choice.

Today, I’m sharing two new feature addition to Kinsta hosting. One of them is for existing Kinsta users like me, while the other is for those sitting on the sideline and deciding on trying out Kinsta hosting for their WordPress website.

Multi-user access

As the level of blogging has changed in recent times, we are seeing more blogs adopting the agency kind of system where dedicated resources are granted for things like website development, SEO, hosting and so on. (Mind it! majority of such dedicated resources are freelancers).

Now, the challenge for users is to give the access of hosting to these freelancers. And I am sure you will agree with me when I say giving admin access to freelancers could be lethal in certain scenarios. This is where the multi-user access feature becomes handy.

This feature is already available. Users can access it via the Kinsta dashboard.

At this moment, there are six roles you can choose from:

  • Company Administrator: Complete control of all company and site data.
  • Company Developer: Manage all sites and manage users on or below their level. No access to billing details or company settings.
  • Company Billing: Only sees billing details and company settings such as invoices, company address, etc.
  • Site Administrator: Complete access to a site and have full control of all environments attached to that site. Cannot remove a website from a company.
  • Site Developer: Access to the staging environment for a single site. Can perform any actions on it, apart from removing the staging environment.
  • Company Owner: Only one allowed and is automatically a company administrator. Can request account closure or transfer ownership to another company administrator.

If you host multiple websites, you can give access on a site basis. If you have 1-2 key players in your company, you can give them the complete account access. Earlier, I used to share my logins using Dashlane, but now this new user access has improved the hosting account access.

30 days money back guarantee

Unlike other hosting companies,  Kinsta doesn’t offer any discount or even a trial. It might not be a good business idea considering people want to try hosting services before investing. However, Kinsta recently added the 30-day money back guarantee which is a big relief for anyone who has been thinking of trying Kinsta’s services.

Here are some of the highlights of their 30-day money back guarantee:

  • This guarantee is available to you during the first 30 days after signing up for a brand new hosting plan. You can upgrade or downgrade your hosting plan during this time and the guarantee will still be in effect. However, the guarantee period runs for 30 days from the date that you initially sign up. The guarantee period does not start over each time you switch plans.
  • This guarantee applies to our standard hosting plans only.
  • Paid migrations or malware removal during migrations are not part of this.
  • Overage fees, if any, will be deducted from the refund.

To claim the refund, open a ticket within 30 days and the technical team will ensure that you don’t lose access to any data or DNS records you are still using. Once they are satisfied, they will move the ticket to the billing department, post which you will get your refund.

As per my experience of Kinsta hosting, their support team is very responsive, and you get a quick resolution to your issues. This is one reason I’m still with Kinsta and did not move even after they decided to change their billing form.

Try Kinsta Risk-Free for 30 Days

Are you also a fellow Kinsta user? Let me know your experience and overall feedback of Kinsta hosting.

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