Effective communication is a skill that not many possess. It is very important that we convey our message in proper way using proper language and words. It is not difficult to master the art of communication. Conversation becomes more effective when you follow these important principles of communication

Principles of Communication 

1. Principle of Clarity

It is important to clearly state the message or idea that you wish to communicate. The message should be written in a way that makes the receiver comprehend the message. The message should not contain any ambiguity. Keep in mind that words are not spoken by themselves, but only the speaker can give them meaning. Clear communication will get the same response from both parties. It is important that the receiver has a good understanding of the language, implicit assumptions, and mechanics of communication.

2. Principle of Attention

To make communication more effective, the receiver should pay attention to the message. Different people have different behaviours, attention, emotions, etc. They may react differently to the message. You might have noticed it during the important office meetings, or school/college group discussions or principal’s speech that many people do not attend to the instructions as their attention is somewhere else. Such individuals often fail to understand, follow and respond to the communication and instructions. This leads to the failure in their careers.

In a nutshell , one has to be a good listener in order to be able to respond and communicate effectively.

The message should be followed by subordinates. Subordinates may also be drawn to the actions of superiors. They might follow what they see. Subordinates may also be influenced by a superior’s punctuality in arriving at work on time. “Actions speak louder than words,” it is said.

3. Principle of feedback

To make communication efficient, the principle of feedback is essential. To ensure that the recipient understands the message, he should provide feedback. For example, if you are communicating with a person and explaining a complex topic to him/her. You need to make sure that he/she has completely listened and understood your words and grasped the meaning. Only then he/she can execute the words in his/her actions. For this you need to take their feedback to know if they have properly understood your point. Without this, the conversation or communication will be considered incomplete. 

4. Principle of Informality

For information and messages, formal communication is used. In some cases, formal communication might not yield the desired results. However, informal communication can be effective in these situations. Managers should use informal communication to assess employees’ reactions to policies. For employees’ feedback, senior management can informally communicate certain decisions to them. This principle states that informal communication can be just as important as formal communication.

5. Principle of Consistency

This principle says that communication must always be in harmony with the company’s policies, plans, programs, and objectives. Subordinates may have confusion if messages or communications conflict with policies and programs. They may not be able to implement the programmes properly. This will negatively impact the organization’s interests.

6. Principle of Timeliness

This principle of communication says that communication must be done promptly in order to facilitate the implementation of plans. Communication delays can be detrimental to the purpose of any plan and may lead to historical significance.

7. Principle of Adequacy

It is important that all information sent be accurate and complete. Inadequate information can delay action and cause confusion. Inadequate information can also impact the efficiency of the receiver. Proper information is crucial for making informed decisions and creating action plans.

If you follow these Principles of Communication then it will be much easier for you to understand and learn the most important skill of communication. This skill can take you to the zenith of your career. So start working on it and you will start seeing the positive results and growth.

All the best!

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