As a blogger, or rather, an aspiring blogger, your main motive would be to attract an audience that believes in your work, which in turn would make you and your blog a resounding success.

Your blog may have a niche and you will have a specific target audience for that niche. You need to make your services available as per the demands of your readers. You need to keep in mind what your readers want from you. If you are able to craft their needs into services, your chances of making a sale will be much higher.

Make your sale offers as clear as possible. You may lose a potential client if you trick them into clicking a link that may not give relevant results. By doing so, you may get a click but you will lose your audience’s trust.

To explore the number of ways to sell your services through your blog, we chose “Selling services through blogging” as the topic for this week’s #ShoutersChat.

In this week’s #ShoutersChat, we discussed the services that you are already selling or planning to sell through your blog. We also talked about the price that needs to be set for all your services and the number of clients that you would like to target per month.

Here is a recap of each question and the top answers by Shouters.

Q1. What services are you selling/planning to sell through your blog?

From the Shouter community:

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Q2. How can someone pick the services that they want to offer to their readers?

From the Shouter community:

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Q3. How should one decide the price point of the service(s)?

From the Shouter community:

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Q4. What should be the sales funnel of selling a service?

From the Shouter community:

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Q5. How many clients per month do you want for your services?

From the Shouter community:

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