Welcome to the first ever Shouter’s Friday with Harsh Agrawal’s podcast. This is a new show that we are coming up with in order to answer all the questions that Shouters from around the world have.

In this new podcast, we pick top questions from the ShoutMeloud Bloggers’ Forum and answer them in detail.

For this podcast, we have Chatty Sharma as the co-host. Chatty is a fellow Shouter who is curious and full of questions about blogging and online marketing.

In this first episode of Shouter’s Friday, we answer various questions related to improving writing skills, creating a good team, getting sponsorships for your blog, and much more.

Show Notes: Improving Writing Skills, Creating A Team, Getting Sponsorships

Resources for this episode

Thought of the week

Focus on your strengths and your weaknesses will go away naturally!

Catch you next Friday

If you have question that you want answers to in the next episode of Shouter’s Friday, just log on to the ShoutMeLoud Bloggers’ Forum and ask!

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