Are you able to attract a lot of traffic on your blog because your blog is Search Engine Optimized? Well, that is a very good thing for your blog. But do you realise what would happen if your prime source of attracting readers fails?

SEO surely is a brilliant way to generate traffic for your website. But relying on SEO alone to attract traffic can be bad idea.

We as Bloggers need relevant traffic on our blog. We need high-quality audience. Our purpose is to convert all our readers into subscribers which is only possible if you have good content and great traffic. Your SEO helps you to create brand awareness. But what if it vanishes in seconds. You might lose your traffic and hence your readers. You cannot afford to lose traffic for a small change in Google’s algorithm.

Thus, you need to know about various other ways by which you can generate subsequent traffic. To solve your problem, this week we took a look at the different ways through which we can increase the traffic without relying on SEO solely.

That is why the topic of this week’s #ShoutersChat was “Ways to generate traffic without SEO”.

In this week’s #ShoutersChat, we discussed some top ways to generate traffic other than SEO. We also discussed the traffic generated through guest posts. We also talked about the percentage of traffic that your blog generates without SEO.

Here is a recap of each question and the top answers by Shouters.

Q1. What are some top ways you use to generate traffic (apart from SEO)?

From the Shouter’s community:

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Q2. Guest Blogging & Interviews – Are these the best ways to generate traffic without SEO?

From the Shouter’s community:

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Q3.Do you think direct traffic from guest posts is better quality traffic than SEO traffic?

From the Shouter’s community:

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Q4. How do you keep your visitors to your blog and keep them coming back?

From the Shouter’s community:

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Q5. What percentage of your incoming traffic is without SEO?

From the Shouter’s community:

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