Before reading this article further, ┬áplease answer these simple questions –

  • Are you a busy Youtuber who love to create content for your audience?
  • Do you love your job of creating interesting stuff but dont have time to market it?
  • Are you concerned about increasing your subscriber base and viewership?
  • Do you feel helpless for not knowing the correct marketing techniques to promote your channel?
  • Are you concerned about other competitors who just copy your content and get away without getting punished?
  • Are you concerned that your subscribers base is not increasing the way it should?
  • Are you worried that your Youtube income is not increasing and is not doing justice to the efforts you are putting in creating stuff?

Well, if you relate to these questions and are facing the same issues then this article is for you! These are the top worries that almost every busy and serious youtube creator faces everyday.

For any youtube creator, it takes lot of efforts in terms of time, skill and energy to produce some interesting and unique content that your audience loves to watch. It is observed that an average serious youtuber invests as much as minimum 8 hours to produce a 5 minutes long video. The video making process involves conceptualisation, content and materials arrangement, video recording, audio recording, pre-production stuff like video and audio editing, then writing a description, doing SEO research on tags and keywords and filling all the necessary stuff in the video description before hitting the “Publish” button. This is quite a lot of hard work, isnt it?

However you might have observed that not all the videos that you produce get equal response from the audience.



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