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On this week’s Social Media Marketing Talk Show, we explore Facebook Groups admin tools and updates. Our special guest this week is Holly Homer.

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Over the past year, Facebook has steadily rolled out several new features and tools to help group admins build their communities. These updates include enhanced admin resources and support, subscription and mentorship programs, and social learning tools. Facebook also added new member profiles and badges and rolled out Watch Party to all groups to make it easier for members to connect, discover things in common, and share experiences with one another. Here are the new Facebook Groups tools and features discovered this week:

Facebook Adds Option to Pixel Group: Facebook expanded Group Insights and will now allow brands and admins to link their existing Facebook ad pixel to their Facebook groups. This update allows marketers to track user growth, activity, and engagement with their websites and can help justify leveraging Groups as an advertising avenue. Digiday notes that Facebook is limiting access to the pixel to groups with 250 or more members. (8:30)

Facebook Experiments With Conversation Starter Badge in Groups: Facebook appears to be experimenting with new merit badges for Groups. Users have spotted Conversation Starter badges, which highlight users and admins who are “constantly creating meaningful discussions with their posts.”

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