In today’s age of smartphones it has become very easy for anyone to shoot photos and record videos. Technology has given us the opportunity to capture those precious moments in everyday life and record some memorable and events to cherish afterwards. Oftentimes we store the data that we record on our mobiles in a pen drive, local computer, hard disk or in laptops.

But it is very risky to keep such a valuable data this way. The pen drives may get lost or damaged, Laptops may get crashed and hard disks may get corrupt and you may end up losing that precious data in a fraction of moment! Whats more, if these devices are accessed by strangers and unauthorised people then your private data is at the risk of being public. YOU CERTAINLY DON’T WANT THIS TO HAPPEN!

There is a wonderful and easy solution to deal with the data storage issue. CLOUD STORAGE! There are handful of File Hosting Services who provide the Online Data Storage Space for your personal as well as business use. Lets have a look at few best websites which are top notch yet affordable for your pocket.

Some Advantages of Storing Data in Cloud Hosting Services

There are many reasons, and all reasons are good for everyone. You should use cloud storage because –

  • Your data is always SAFE.
  • Your data is easily accessible to you from any device – laptop, desktop, mobile or tab.
  • You can take easy backup of your data hence is is never lost
  • You can easily share your data with anyone easily and keep control on who can access your personal and business files.
  • Your data is in secure hands, away from the eyes of unscrupulous elements.

So if now you are convinced enough that Cloud Storage is best for you, then we can proceed to see which are the best players in market that you can rely upon.

#1 Dropbox

Undoubtedly the first Choice of many professionals, Dropbox is the first name that comes in mind when we think of cloud storage. Founded in 2007 and headquartered in San Francisco, Dropbox boosts the strong user base of more than 500 million users worldwide.

How Dropbox Works?

Dropbox works on a Freemium business model. It means it offers users a free account with 2GB cloud storage space. Users can refer Dropbox to friends and colleagues and with each referral sign up can earn 500 MB additional storage space. This is really encouraging business model where an active user can earn upto 16 GB free storage space merely by referring Dropbox to others. Cool, isnt it?

However even 16 GB space is not enough these days for a normal Joe. So Dropbox has premium plans for you as well.

Dropbox Plans

For normal user and want to go beyond the free plan of 2GB storage then the Plus plan is idea for you that comes at $8.25/ month and offers 1 TB (1024 GB) storage space. It also offers you a 30 days backup revival service. It means that if you happen to delete any file, you can still retrieve it from the history till 30 days. This feature is particularly useful if you accidentally delete any important file or data. Very useful feature, isnt it?

Note: It is important to note that the monthly charge of $8.25 is applicable only if you chose to pay yearly amount at once i.e., $99. If you cant afford to pay this lumpsum amount and would like to pay monthly, then the amount will be $9.99. So think carefully before selecting for premium upgrade.

If your requirements are higher than the 2TB (2048 GB) space then you can opt for business level plans that start with 2TB storage space and costs $12.50/month (provided you pay annually at once upfront) per user. The file recovery feature in this plan can recover deleted files till 120 days which is certainly a great benefit.

If you want to get Dropbox for business purpose and need unlimited space then you should opt for Business plan that comes at $20/month per user and offers space as much as you want. This plan is ideal for businesses only.

Do you have even higher needs? You can contact Dropbox and they can provide you quote for the enterprise level plans.

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