Google My Business is now giving listings the ability to specify the geographic area they offer service to.

Previously, service-area businesses had no control over what their Google My Business listings displayed in terms of areas served.

A business’s service area used to be set as a distance around where the business is physically located.

Clearly, that was not an ideal solution for businesses that provided service to outlying areas.

Going forward there will be separate fields in Google My Business – one for editing physical address and one for editing service area.

Businesses that don’t serve customers where the business is located can leave the address field blank and only enter their service area.

Those who serve customers at their location, as well as within a separate service area, have the options to fill out both fields.

There will no longer be an option to set a service area as a distance around a business.

Service-area businesses that previously entered a distance around their business will be able to keep that setting, but won’t be able to edit the distance.

Businesses that wish to edit their previous setting will need to specify their service area by region, city, or ZIP code.

Adding or Editing a Service Area

Businesses can add or edit a service area by following the steps below:

  • Sign in to Google My Business.
  • From the menu, click Info.
  • In the service area section, click Edit.
  • Enter the service area information, which can be based on region, city, or ZIP code.
  • Click Apply.

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