Since past few years, the world has started talking about spiritual things like kindness, awakening, toxicity, empathy more than it used to. Nowadays, every other person thinks that he/she is a highly sensitive person, and is feeling negative or experiencing negative emotions or energy, because of others’ projections. But this is not how it works.

Yes, it is true that likewise people, this does not mean that everyone is toxic or everyone is an empath. An empath is a person who not only understands other people’s emotions – good, bad or ugly, but also feels them as own; sometimes which lead them being carried away with the negative energy of others, and impact their life in negative way. In this time, where being an empath is considered to be a curse by many, it is actually a gift, if handled properly. Also, as we are becoming more and more aware of how the concept of energy (positive or negative) works in people, it is very important for all of us to know what steps can be taken to stop being absorbed by other people’s negative energy.

No matter what others do, people always have an option to take another route towards betterment of their lives. Some of the ways have been mentioned below, that can be proved beneficial.

Ways You Can Stop Absorbing Other People’s Negative Energy

1. Label your Feeling

At the time when we feel emotions, we either generalise them as good/positive or bad/negative. This does not let us to be aware of the exact ’emotion’ we feel at that particular time. For example, if we’re feeling good, we consider that  positive energy as – happiness or contentment or satisfaction.

Similarly, if we’re feeling sad or angry, we consider that   negative emotion or energy, what that energy exactly is; is it jealousy, or envy, or insecurity, etc. It is of utmost important to know the particular emotion, so that we are aware of it and can find ways to deal with it accordingly.

2. Stop being a People Pleaser

It is in human nature that they want to be liked and appreciated by everyone. In order to achieve it, we sometimes keep on doing things for others in order to make them like us. Also, when someone bully us or call us names, we try to convince them by actions or otherwise, to like us. But, it should be remembered that not everyone is going to like us. We should not be bothered by what other people think of us. Also, it is not our job to change what they
think of us. We should be courageous enough to not care, and like us ourselves in the first place.

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3. Know your Trigger

Everyone has certain past experiences, or insecurities, etc, that they are not yet gotten over with. Also, some people have some things/emotions, etc, that trigger them in certain way. It is very important to dig deeper down to know what triggers or affects us, so that when someone come to you taking their negative energy, you know how to deal with them. And if not, at least avoid them till needed to.

4. Stop paying Attention

Some people have a habit of feeding up on others energy. They come with their problems, to which they don’t even look for solutions, and dump on you. There are also kinds of people who always want to seek attention one way or
another, thereby passing on negative energy to others. It is in the best interest of genuine people to ignore them sometimes, and not pay attention. By this, you can actually save yourself from being absorbed into their negative energy.

5. Discuss your Concerns with the Negative Person

Sometimes, the people are not aware of their negative energy or projections. Also, sometimes they are not intentional. In that case, it is appropriate to discuss your concerns with that person one-on-one. It should be remembered that, while you discuss, the language should be polite and kind, so that they do not feel attacked. Dealing with kindness and empathy also increases the chance of things working in your favour.

6. Learn to Say ‘No’

Saying ‘No’ is a power very few people can handle. Not every person or every thing deserve your ‘Yes’. You should be able to say ‘No’ whenever needed, to prevent yourself from being taken advantage of, thereby minimizing the chance of getting absorbed by other people’s unnecessary projections.

7. Have Strong Boundaries

In these times, where people believe in ranting their problems to others, and not in finding the solutions to them, it is the need of an hour to set clear boundaries with other people. You should be able to set boundaries for things like; who to let in your life, how much time to spend with particular people, how much to let others know about your personal life, etc. By only setting the clear boundaries, you can avoid much of the unnecessary issues.

8. Surround Yourself with Amazing People

This point is very useful in helping you stop absorbing other people’s negative energy.

It is said that ‘we are an average of five people we spend our time with’. It is true. As we know people absorb each other’s energies and also project their emotions/energy onto others, it has become very important to surround
yourself with positive like-minded people. The less the number of negative people around, the less are the chances of being absorbed by their negative energies.

9. Self-awareness

Some people have a habit of blaming others for their negative emotions, thinking, or actions. There are very few genuine people who do look into themselves to find out the exact problem. People should learn to reflect back
on to their emotions and actions. It will help you in knowing whether the negativity you’re feeling is your own, or a projection from others. By learning this, you will also be able to deal with the emotions accordingly.

10. Self-love

Nowadays everyone is talking about self-love. There is reason. In order to deal with the negativity, you need to have your own safe space, to deal with it. People should spend time with themselves, alone, so as to release emotions and get rid of them. Self-love is different from person to person, and you must see what works best for you.

11. Take Responsibility of your Thoughts and Emotions

People should stop blaming each other for their negative emotions, and take responsibility to work on them. It is when we try to control our negative emotions, rather than being in control of them. It is always a choice to be a
better person.

12. Cut-off

If everything doesn’t work, then there is a last step – Cut Off. You should not feel guilty about cutting that toxic/negative person from your life, to prevent yourself from being drained by those negative emotions of someone else. Be it friends, colleague, or family, it is also an option to cut them completely off from your life, in case nothing works.

We, sometimes think that, we can help other person to come out of that negative energy, and by showing them the way, we might make them come out of it. But, people only change when they want to change. The best you can do is, keep on moving on towards better you!

Hope you liked the discussion and tips on how to deal with other people’s negative energies and stay positive in tough times. If you want to share your experience or you want to add more value in this article then please let us know in the comments section.

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