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On this week’s Social Media Marketing Talk Show, we explore live video updates from Facebook and YouTube with David Foster and Luria Petrucci of Live Streaming Pros and Facebook ad creation with Amanda Bond.

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YouTube Pays Top Creators to Promote New Twitch-Like Features: YouTube is paying top creators to use and promote new features including its enhanced Super Chat, monthly subscription service, and merchandising program. Bloomberg reports that “the amounts range from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars” and their contracts “don’t require [creators] to post only on YouTube, but they do prohibit them from posting first on competitors’ sites.”

Facebook Acquires Vidpresso for Live Videos: Facebook acquired the seven-person team and technology behind social video company Vidpresso. The company works with broadcasters and publishers to make their online videos more interactive with on-screen social media polling and comments, graphics, and live broadcasting integrated with Facebook, YouTube, Periscope, and more. In an announcement on its site, Vidpresso states that it “offer[s] a simple way for creators, publishers, and broadcasters to use social media in live video at a high quality level,” and joining Facebook allows it to “build tools for everyone to create interactive live video experiences.” (20:00)

Facebook acquihires [sic] Vidpresso as it races to offer interactive video tools so it can beat YouTube & Twitch for the hearts of creators https://t.co/tfGrCW5VPF

Facebook Tests New Layout for Scheduled Live Video Posts: Facebook appears to be testing a new layout for scheduled live video posts. The company hasn’t yet shared the official size for the image yet, but it seems to default to a cropped version of the cover image. This experimental feature was discovered by Jeff Sieh. (25:55)

Facebook Launches New Process to Convert Still Image Ads to Video Ads: Facebook’s Creative Shop debuted a new production approach called Create to Convert, “an easy framework to add lightweight motion to still images to create more compelling and effective direct-response ads.”  The Create to Convert approach is available to “businesses of all sizes, enabling them [to] create effective video ads at scale.” (35:17)

Facebook Begins Rollout of Ads for Stories: In May, Facebook began testing the first ads in Facebook Stories in the U.S., Mexico, and Brazil. At the time, the early ads consisted of 5- to 15-second skippable videos and didn’t have calls to action or click-throughs. This week, Kim Reynolds received an alert that Facebook Stories ads are “gradually rolling out. Users can use Ads Manager or the API to create ads in Facebook Stories. (44:36)

Facebook Adds New Creative Tools for Ads Manager App: In July, Facebook rolled out a new suite of creative tools for the Ads Manager app “that makes it easier to build compelling ad content right from your mobile device.” These new creative tools include the ability to incorporate text; crop images; and add stickers, logos, and more into your ads. It also includes fully customizable ad templates and color filters to further embellish and improve the quality of your ads directly within the app. (52:00)

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