Pinterest is an incredible platform for sharing and discovering new ideas on the World Wide Web. Whether you are looking for inspiration as an artist or want to market your business, it always comes up with a wide range of options. Every day millions of people browse Pinterest, and it converts most of the visitors into buyers by presenting your idea into a fantastic way and engages more audiences.

If you are looking to promote your business on Pinterest, and want to give a slight boost to it, then you are at the right spot to accumulate all necessary information regarding do’s and don’ts.

Things you need to do in Pinterest

1. Make a genuine profile

The first and foremost thing is to complete your profile. Then, Provide a brief description of your business with suitable keywords; it will help you to reach your desired audience. After that, upload a professional picture of you. Most of all, built about 10-12 boards, and each board must contain a minimum of 9 pins. This will provide an actual appearance to your board and make your visitors explore more.

2. Use Secret Boards

A secret board is only accessible by you. You can store all your accumulated content and public it later because pre-planning is always a preferred way by professionals. For this, create a secret board, import all your files, pin an image to that particular board and put originals pins URL in the caption box. Now, you can re-pin them whenever you want to make it public.

3. Engage more people

It is possible that in starting days, you don’t have a plethora of followers to interact. Then don’t worry, it is quite acceptable as a beginner. Now, there is only one thing to consider how to get more and more audience? Direct interaction is a fantastic way; all you need to do is type a thanks message to your follower and show them that you care about them by adding their name in it, and this activity converts them in a regular visitor. 

4. Notice your Competitors

Always keep an eye on your competitor’s activity. By moving your fingers on your keyboard, you can discover what is going on and learn as much as you can. For instance, if you follow your competitor, then it is possible that they will follow you back, and you can easily track their Pinterest account activity. Among all this, cross-promoting and visiting each other on the same platform can give you more audience.

5. Stay Active

 Try to pin regularly with high-quality content; it will gradually increase your costumer’s engagement with your brand. Social media scheduling tools can help you to schedule your pins in advance. First, select any pin you want to schedule, then set uploading timing of your selected pin and then save it. You can use it flexibly to schedule a plethora of your pins without seating all day long in front of your device.

6. Cross-Promotion

If you have recently entered Pinterest marketing, take the help of other social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Whatsaap to quickly grow in this field. You can share the link of your boards and pins on these social media sites to engage more audience.

Things not to do in Pinterest

1. Don’t upload someone else’s content

Your pins can quickly be flagged if they do not originally belong to you. Don’t think that by uploading someone else’s work, you can grow, NO! You can’t. Always use high quality and original images to upload to attract more and more people. In case you don’t have your content, then you can use those images that have a license of Creative Commons Public Domains Dedication, which means anybody can use these pictures without citation.

2. Don’t save Spammy Content

Pinterest only wants quality content without any spammy data. They always want to provide the best possible data to their user. This means you need to publish the best genuine content, don’t try to mislead your audience by overpromising, and always save content from trusted sites. Never pin images that invokes hatred, sexuality, abuses, rumors and stolen data, etc.

3. Don’t use locals tools

Avoid using anything, which is not certified. Only use approved third-party tools, which follow all rules published by Pinterest. If you are currently using any un-authorized tools, then immediately remove it and change your data. Because Pinterest does not want someone tampers with their merchant’s account and upload anything, which affects its audience.

4. Keep your pin’s description short and clean

Don’t use a bunch of hashtags and bulk of description in your pins. Consequently, hashtags on Twitter and Instagram work differently, and hashtags on Pinterest in another way. So, use hashtags wisely and limited.


Finally, to elucidate this, it is worth mention that Pinterest is just like a god gift for you if you use it properly. Follow all the aforementioned points and become a successful marketer on Pinterest.  

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