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On this week’s Social Media Marketing Talk Show, we discuss how to implement Instagram’s new two-factor authentication update and weigh the pros and cons of Facebook’s new smart speaker and video calling devices. Our special guests include Jenn Herman and Jeff Sieh.

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Instagram Rolls Out App-Based Two-Factor Authentication: In late August, Instagram announced plans to enable app-based two-factor authentication to the Instagram app. This past week, Instagram rolled out this security update to all users on both iOS and Android. (7:50)

Instagram Adds Stitched Instagram Story Videos: Instagram Stories is now allowing longer videos by splitting them into 15-second segments that will play back to back as one long stitched video when uploaded. Users can also customize each interval with text, stickers, and more. Our guest, Jenn Herman, notes that this tool is currently only available on Android devices. (13:02)

Instagram Enables Quick Replies in Direct Messages for Business Accounts: Instagram is rolling out quick replies to direct messages to business accounts. This new functionality gives businesses the ability to craft messages that can be sent in response to commonly asked questions like store hours, shipping rates, and more. Instagram began testing this tool in May and it’s now available on the web and on iOS and Android. (22:22)

Facebook Unveils Two New Video Calling Devices, Portal and Portal+: After months of speculation and rumors, Facebook officially unveiled two new smart speaker and video calling devices, Portal and Portal+. Powered by AI, the Portal devices feature a smart camera that automatically pans and zooms to keep everyone in view and a smart speaker that enhances the voice of the person speaking while minimizing background noises. It also includes music, entertainment, and technology integrations, including Amazon Alexa. The Portal and Portal+ are available for pre-order online and are expected to begin shipping in November. (33:26)

Facebook officially unveiled two new smart speaker and video calling devices, Portal and Portal+.

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