Google Maps Now Provides Accessibility Information for Over 40 Million Places by @MattGSouthern

Google has announced that Maps now provides accessibility information for more than 40 million listings.

The company attributes this accomplishment to an initiative launched last year.

In July 2017, Google started letting users add accessibility details to business listings.

At that time, Google said accessibility information was available to roughly 7 million listings around the world.

In a little over a year, that number has increased by over 30 million.

This wasn’t all done by Google itself, the company explains. There are over 50 million Local Guides contributing information to Google Maps.

“Since launching our campaign one year ago, Local Guides worldwide have worked tirelessly adding accessibility information to Google Maps. Using local knowledge, they answer questions like “Does this place have a wheelchair accessible entrance?”, “Is there an accessible restroom?” and many more.”

Since last year, 7 million local guides answered more than 500 million questions regarding the accessibility of locations.

To help people get to these locations, Google Maps began offering wheelchair accessible routes this past spring.

In the future, Google says it may explore adding questions that help those with “invisible” disabilities such as blindness and hearing impairment.

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