Youtube is a fantastic video sharing platform, regulated by Google since 2006. On February 5, three talented personalities develop this incredible program for sharing video globally. Later in 2006, Google takes control of this platform in exchange of $1.65 billion. YouTube is a great way to learn new things anywhere anytime without paying any fees; it is free for its viewers. But HOLD ON!!!

Youtube is not only for learning, but also it is for earning. Millions of people around the world are making a handsome amount of money, just by uploading informational and entertaining videos. It has around 25 billion users spend 1 billion hours watching videos. So, if you are looking to earn on this platform, then this post is absolutely for you. The upcoming passage will give you all the relevant information to start your own Youtube channel right now.

1. Create your YouTube channel

You don’t have to study rocket science to start earning on YouTube. First, create a brand account on Google. Once you successfully create an account, then wisely choose a channel name. Your channel name must be unique and catchy, which should sound relevant to your channel. Then, give a brief description of the account and tell your audience what kind of material you are going to provide. Along with this upload a captivating and professional profile picture, this is work as a logo for your channel.

2. Know your audience demand

YouTube marketing is mainly about providing the best content to engage a targeted audience. You have to live up to your audience expectation try to fulfil their demand like what kind of content they like most, is it funny, informally, emotional or anything else. Give them the material that they want, not the content you want.


You can use YouTube Annalytics tab to explore effectively. It will provide you with insights about your viewer’s demographics and watch time. Using this feature, you can figure out in which part of the world your videos are reaching, in what time your videos are being watched mostly, and which kind of audience you have acquired. Accumulate all this information to make a strategy for the future.

3. Be a learner

Once you understand your audience, you will get a decent idea about what kind of content your audience is looking. But it’s not sufficient to leave your competitors behind you, along with understanding your audience, you also have to learn a new strategy from your competitors. Just track them and learn how they engage more audience, their marketing plans, what mistakes are they making so that you won’t repeat them.


As you come to know whom you want to track, then visit their channel and go to their most popular video. After that explore their comment box to obtain more information. Pay attention to what people are saying about that video, about what they are complaining, what they like and dislike, and all relevant information, which can help you to fulfill your audience demands.

4. Make it easily visible

While marketing on YouTube, your video visibility is equally important as it is for creating a quality product. If your video is not easily accessible, then it does not matter how good your content is, you won’t get expected results according to your dedication and hard work you have done on that video. Therefore, to make it visible to your viewers, you need to optimize your titles and description with keywords. Use proper keywords, which are frequently searched by YouTube viewers. In addition, make a short and crispy title of your video. Among all, spend some time to make an eye-catching thumbnail, which gives them a glimpse about your quality and the content you are providing.

5. Use other social media platforms

Now, you have made a quality video, which is easily visible, and have a catchy thumbnail, but still, something is missing your audience. In order to get more views on your uploaded video, you have to promote it as much as you can. You can share your video on social sites like Twitter, Whatsaap, Facebook, Instagram and any other site. We spent most of our time to build a good social profile, and we keep posting different kinds of stuff to get more followers and become famous among people. Now, this is the time to use it for your YouTube video promotion and make it popular too, just like your profile.

6. Invest in YouTube ads

Well, after doing this much hard work, if you still fighting for views, then you need paid advertising to reach an active audience that is more relevant by YouTube search results. Open your pocket to invest in YouTube ads for the promotion of your video through other channels and attract more audience on your channel. Before investing in YouTube ads, do some research and identify which kind of ads is worthy of investing.


To recapitulate this is, YouTube marketing is a golden way to print tons of money just by making videos. Today, there are many YouTubers, who initially did not get any response by the audience, but along with time, they were being liked, and today they are at the top and making millions liked them. However, you can also become a famous Youtuber and earn millions, but for this, you need to keep patience, and dedicated. Don’t lose your heart in your starting days if you are not getting a good response from tour audience, keep pushing yourself, try to identify and fix your mistakes, and always stay motivated.

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