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On this week’s Social Media Marketing Talk Show, we explore the new LinkedIn profile layout with Viveka Von Rosen, Instagram rolling out Focus portrait mode with Jenn Herman, and other breaking social media marketing news of the week!

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LinkedIn Introduces New Look for Personal Profiles: LinkedIn added more details and connection information to the headers of members’ personal profiles. Some of the updates include a shift in the profile image placement that may affect the background image, a new Contact menu to the right, an extended Summary section, and more. (2:28)

LinkedIn Brings GIFs to Messaging Platform: LinkedIn and Google-owned Tenor partnered to integrate GIFs directly into LinkedIn’s Messaging platform. Members can now quickly and easily search for GIFs within the messaging text field and send them on the spot. GIFs in LinkedIn Messaging are gradually rolling out to all users now and will be available globally “in the coming weeks.” (16:37)

Instagram Releases Focus Portrait Mode: Instagram’s new Focus format for photos and videos is a portrait mode feature that blurs the background while keeping the face sharp for a stylized, professionally photographed look. Focus mode is available on iPhone SE, 6S, 6S+, 7, 7+, 8, 8+, and X and on select Android devices with the latest version of the app for both iOS and Android. (19:38)

Instagram Prepares to Launch Nametags: Instagram confirmed it’s testing a new Nametag feature that allows users to create a scannable image. As previously reported, the upcoming Nametag feature appears to be similar to Snapchat’s QR Snapcode capability, except it will include the ability to select a colorful background image, personalized pattern, and augmented reality face filters. Others can capture your personalized Nametag with the Instagram Stories camera to easily follow you. (28:29)

Facebook also announced that admins managing pages with “large numbers of followers” must be verified and those who don’t clear the verification process will be restricted from posting to those pages. The company will begin to show additional context about pages to effectively assess their content and broadly roll out a tool that allows anyone to see all of the ads a particular page is running.

Facebook Updates Product and Custom Audience Terms for Developers: In compliance with the EU’s upcoming GDPR law, Facebook updated its product terms to make them easier to find and comprehend. Primarily, Facebook is introducing new terms for Facebook Business Tools, in reference to the APIs, Facebook pixel, and additional Facebook products that help website owners, publishers, developers, advertisers, business partners, and others integrate and share information with Facebook. (42:47)

In addition, Facebook is updating its Custom Audience Terms to “clarify that businesses are responsible for their own relationships with independent data providers” and include an addendum specifically for advertisers that are processing personal data associated with people in the EU.

Facebook Offers Data Abuse Bounty: Facebook launched a new program that rewards people who report and provide proof of any cases where a Facebook platform app collects and transfers people’s data to another party to be sold, stolen, or used for scams or political influence. Like with Facebook’s existing bug bounty program, the data abuse bounty will grant a financial reward based on the impact of each report of misuse of data by app developers and alert those it believes to be affected. (44:37)

Facebook Tests Stories as Default Sharing Option: Facebook launched “three significant tests that make Facebook Stories a default way to share.” TechCrunch reports that a select subset of users around the world is testing a mobile feature that will automatically open a camera window and show the most recent images in your camera roll to spur Stories sharing when posting a status. Another subset around the world is testing big preview tiles for Facebook Stories behind smaller profile photos of the creators. The idea is that teasing what’s in a story will entice users to click and watch.

In a third test that is currently open to all Facebook users in the Dominican Republic, sharing of any image or video shot using Facebook Camera’s augmented reality features will automatically default to Stories. Previously, users individually selected if they wanted to post their images to Stories, the news feed, or Messenger.

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